We want to grow with you! At Gold Town Games Publishing, we help Mobile Manager and Simulator Games Studios succeed.
We do it by applying the right resources for your individual situation.



We help up and coming development teams handle the full picture of releasing
a mobile game onto the market. From Strategic Planning to Customer Support.

In order to succeed in any launch, you need a what, when and how plan.

UA Funding
We help out with the initial UA funding in cases with an expressed need.

Creatives Creation & Testing
We create and manage testing of creatives.

Both Brand Awareness and User Acquisition campaigns can become daunting
tasks for a small development team, plus, most small teams don't have the time
needed to spare for succeeding, we do!

Community Management & Support
Those very first users are cornerstone members of your community,
we help you treat them as such!


Once you made it past Soft Launch, you need a plan for scaling.

Marketing Data Management
Once you start scaling User Acquisition,
you need to be able to gain the right insights.

UA Management
We actively manage & optimize your campaigns.

We have the technical expertise to help you
 take your game to a global audience.

A key component in succeeding in most markets is to
fully adopt to local wants and needs,
it starts with translating your game. 



Throughout a games lifecycle, the need for balancing
and optimizing monetization is there.

Technical Setup
We setup the SDKs needed for ads & mediation.

In-game Placements & Balancing
Where you put what type of Ad or IAP is key to success.

Innovative Ads Technology
We collaborate with leading experts and innovative
monetization platforms in Rewarded Ads, Native Ads
and other types of Ads technologies. 

Tell us about your game!


Thomas Jonasson

Head Of Publishing

Thomas is our Head of Publishing, an experienced marketer, business developer and entrepreneur with experience stemming from both the E-commerce and Mobile Games fields.

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